Errol – October 2012

About the project: Kitchen renovation (painting, decorating, tiling)
What had to be done: The project required everything to be completely transformed from professional painter and decorator. We had to remove the old tiles from around hob and sink area, clear the previous flooring and prepare it for the new tiles, prepare the ceiling and the walls, prepare all the woodwork, which in this case were windows, windows frames, built-in cupboard and skirting boards.

What was completed:

  1. Ceiling: Painted with custom colour Crown Matt Emulsion;
  2. Walls: Patterned wallpapers were used on most of the walls but some areas were covered with mosaic tiles;
  3. Floor: The floor was prepared and properly sealed before the new tiles were laid using flexible floor tile adhesive. The tiles were grouted with a custom colour grout.
  4. Woodwork: The windows, frames and skirting boards were first undercoated and then painted with 2 coats of Crown Non Drip Gloss paint;

Materials: Prior to starting the job we were asked for advise on materials, however most of them were supplied from the home owner;
Time: The project was fulfilled in less than 6 weeks;

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